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Adam Stayberg

I was born in Orange, CA, a wonderful day I'm sure. I was joined by my twin brother who was determined to live with me until the age of 18, kind of a weird choice, but our parents insisted. Speaking of parents, my Father Jeff and Mother Nikki, they’re pretty cool I guess. During the childhood years, my twin and I spent the bulk of our time playing sports, getting good grades and, more or less, living in our own world. Since, oh I don't know, let’s call it 7 years old, we would create new comic book characters (Dr. Chemical was my favorite) to go along with the "real" ones that we read every day, crafted stories that we shook our heads at years later, and obsessed over Tolkien, Herbert, and anything else sci-fi or fantasy. I sailed through grade school, I coasted through Villa Park High School, still creating, but mostly playing sports and "finding myself." Had a few girlfriends, some laughs, and too much fun. I'm sure if any ex-girlfriends read this they wouldn’t like being described as "some", but I only have one page to do this! Honestly, I couldn't wait to get to college. I took slightly more than 4 years to graduate with a B.A. in business. During this time I developed my true love for stories, and the first true book idea came to me...and they never stopped! I wrote all of them down until "one day" I could dedicate the time to finish. After college, I did the responsible thing and got a good job with a good company that based me in Redondo Beach, CA. I worked and worked and worked, always typing up my new story summaries. I moved to Texas with the company and worked some more. Changed jobs after a few years because I felt like something was missing. Changed them again and still felt like I was doing something wrong. Then a burning in my chest like I never felt before ignited. I thought it was a heart attack, but the doctor told me it wasn't. It was really the inner urge to tell my stories. So, I did the only logical thing and quit a well-paying job to write! Over a period of 5 months I finished my first draft. Then I got engaged and had to get a job ... again. I got a job I liked and wrote very little on the side. Then my gorgeous wife got pregnant and everything changed for me. After my daughter was born, I knew I had to set an example for her: you must Work For Your Dreams. Over the past year I have elevated the book, with the help of my wonderful editor, several professor friends, a writer's workshop, and some fantasy savants, from novice level to something I'm proud of. Life is good as I write a little every day. Look for my short stories and my epic fantasy in the fall of this year!

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