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Jan McCulloch

I live near Glamis Castle in the Angus Glens, Scotland, United Kingdom. I have a deep love for animals, nature, and the countryside and love writing about them. I have won several writing prompt competitions on Voweler and I am a named author on Paragraph Planet. My book A Little Dog's Prayer is available on Amazon. I was recently delighted and honoured to be awarded a diploma for my contribution to A Museum of Words. The César Egido Serrano Foundation and the Museum of the Word in plenary session have named me Ambassador of the Spanish language of my country in the world (Scotland). My motto is "Be kind, do no harm".

Stories By Jan McCulloch

  • Fiction

    Every Day

    By April 3, 2018

    This is the story of a young woman who works very hard at her career but...

  • Fiction

    A Walk To Remember

    By March 14, 2018

    An emotional short story about a little girl and her father sharing precious moments.

  • Fiction

    Footsteps In The Sand

    By February 27, 2018

    Footsteps in the sand is a magical story about a young woman who has fallen in...

  • Fiction


    By February 13, 2018

    My story "Love" is about a man who tries escape heartbreak by distancing himself from people....

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