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Social Revolution



Social Revolution

Sometimes we need a call, a suggestion or say inference! Rather than seeking it form others! Why not to listen to the most sophisticated being in us: Your Inner self!

To begin with I would like to quote a famous humanitarian – “A wise being never fears of consequences, instead prepares for the actions to be taken then”. ​ In the world of less time for health and more time being spend on the planning of how to win the battle called life we have totally forgotten the true meaning of life and that deep sense which makes life more beautiful to live, the speed or say the velocity at which the technology is evolving and developing itself has made a larger impact on human race and the results of it are outstanding. These led to the modification or say change in our social life which has changed a lot since then people have come closer virtually but have detached people physically I meant to say that the way people used to meet up in person before this so called “social revolution” ​ has reduced vastly.

Inner learning is very auspicious and helpful to any being. It takes a lot to hear and understand our inner call or say learning, many a times we feel that our decisions or thinking is influenced by the people we live with viz. our colleagues, friends, roommates, etc. and yes it does have an impact on your thoughts, actions and on your thinking. “A man is known by the Company he keeps​ ”, have right people around you and it’ll surely help you to improve your inner self, social status, state of mind and majorly your ability to handle situations properly. As mentioned in the para above “social revolution” ​ plays a vital role in this process. Nowadays the number of people we know is increasing rapidly; everyday more or less we meet new person (socially this time) most of the people we meet are not of any use or say don’t add value to your personal life now you may question “​You never know who’ll come to your rescue when the time comes?​ ” I’ve a simple answer to this question “No one understands you better than your inner being” this does not mean that your friends are not of any use at times they are the best thing that can happen to anyone but not every person will save your ass you must have that much of guts and inner sense to handle the situations neatly. At times when you think that there’s no ray of hope and you see that all the possibilities are vanishing into the oblivion your INNER LEARNING comes to your rescue! It’s the ultimate trouble shooter you can have! Personally, I’m bit selective or say choosy when it comes to make relations, there’s a valid reason for being so, I want to protect my inner being from the dirty hands of EGO, FALSITY, DISLOYALTY, UNETHICAL ATTITUDE and IMPROPER VALUES. This guard protects me from every form of inner destruction and allows me to maintain a social dignity also it gives me a peace of mind; It does not mean that everyone must have this kind of temperament towards formation of relationships not at all albeit you should try this sometimes it’ll help you surely. This will help you to know people inside out as you’ll have selected people to look in to and surely you’ll find someone who is compatible and good for inner being. The inner being is always alive it needs your attention it always has something to say, to suggest and to protect you. As taking proper prescription for any disease as well as proper advice from the doctor is necessary so is the necessity of listening to your inner learning or say inner instincts this solves the problem majorly. I always suggest people around me to listen to their inner calling and then act accordingly, you’ll get 100 percent unadulterated results and advice. What hampers our inner learning and calling is LOVE it’s only the de facto which can have control over it. Emotions and feelings are the greatest assets anyone can have being wisely used can transform you and the person you love. If you play with these sensitive things your inner learning will vanish in to darkness also creating disturbances in your personal life, love life, etc. On ending note to this small inner learning talk I would like to say- “Live as if it’s the last breath you have; Love like it’s the only thing you can give to anyone; Feel the pulsating energy of your INNER BEING it has lot to offer to you in order to create a perfect and valuable YOU; Don’t make friends win them; Create an impact and make your way to the epitome of success nothing else matters; Add value to your life inspite of adding ego to your conscience”.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

An IT Engineer with a sense of sarcasm and satire. An avid reader with the zest to spread knowledge; period. Also a Human Being!

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