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This Is India And It Has Its Own Culture, Condom Is Not Child’s Play Here


This Is India And It Has Its Own Culture, Condom Is Not Child’s Play Here

On December 11, the ministry had issued an advisory to all television channels asking them not to telecast any condom advertisements between 6am and 10pm. The decision drew widespread criticism for being regressive and counterproductive from civil society and saw an NGO challenging the decision in Rajasthan high court. Following which, the court issued a notice to the government seeking to know the reasons behind its December 11 advisory to TV channels.

The world is changing. And, so are we. But as I look towards the Indian government I find it hard to carve out the change, no matter how hard I try the change is difficult to find. In fact, it seems like the Indian government is trying to reinforce their so-called ‘values’ on this generation. The ban on condom ads between 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. is the proof of that. How can a democratic and one of the most developing nation can do such things? How can we expect to fulfill the ‘Make in India’ movement if we’re implying such policies? How will the condom making companies earn if they’re not even allowed to show advertisements?

There are questions but no answers, or even if there are answers then no one actually asks those ‘lawmakers’. Due to the polls in Himachal and Gujarat, even the news agencies didn’t focus on this issue. Well, they want TRP above anything else, so how can we expect them to put light on this issue? According to the government, the ban came forward because “the ads are indecent especially for children” and can create “unhealthy practices” among them. I might be wrong but till today I’ve heard that condoms are used to prevent HIV/AIDS or to take some precautions. In my opinion, if we see any advertisement repetitively then we’re curious to try that thing at least once in our life. So, how can the condom ads create ‘unhealthy practices? If we look at another side then they’re just helping our children.

I think the ban needs to be taken back, and that too immediately. Not only that, our children need to be educated. Here I’m not just talking about education; I’m talking about ‘sex education’ which we’re leaving behind. OMG! What did I just said? Using the word ‘sex’ is considered ridiculous not only in our families but also in our societies, irrespective of whether it’s rural or urban, whether it’s educated or uneducated. A girl/boy is asked to shut up when they want to know how they were born. Well, we can’t tell them because we’re from a so-called ‘cultured nation’. Well, do heck with this ‘cultured’ tag. We don’t need to be cultured anymore, we need to be developed. And, development isn’t just about building better roads, it is also about developing the minds and transforming minds according to time. If we’re not giving sex education to our children then we’re just being mean to them. We’re suppressing their desires and snatching their rights which never happens in a democratic nation. The clock is ticking, we need to talk with our children or else we’ll just lose them. The choice is yours.

Anyway, Banning those ads will never help our children; sex education will.

I'm writing since I was in 8th grade and I think that's where it all started. I had (I mean, I still have) a madness to change the world. There are things which we need to change and most of the time I write about those things only. I try to provide some solutions in the end of my articles and I hope that each of my articles will serve a message to humanity, not only to every individual. Besides writing I also love reading novels and listening songs and truth to be told, I can’t imagine my life without Eminem’s songs. LOL. OMG! I just forgot to tell you that I’m an introvert and that helps me a lot in writing especially when I’m writing some poems. And yes! I don’t speak much, but my words do.



  1. Nikhil kurmi

    December 27, 2017 at 3:57 pm

    Fabulous @rajatmalik keep on going

  2. AB_1994

    December 31, 2017 at 10:37 am

    The reason might be that nowadays those ads are not shown as a protection thing but a different type of pleasure thing.., anyways.. this govt is overdoing a lot of unimportant things.. and this is one of them.. , on the other hand our people are also not that open minded about sex education.., because even today..when such ad is shown.. they change the channel..

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