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A Walk To Remember


A Walk To Remember

An emotional short story about a little girl and her father sharing precious moments.

“Can we feed the ducks Daddy?” she asks, looking up at me with shining eyes and dimpled cheeks, soft blonde curls bouncing gently as she jogs on the spot in excitement. I ruffle her hair and tell her it is too late for ducks, they will all be tucked up in their beds as the sun is going down. She sighs and casts her eyes downwards trying to hide her disappointment. I take her small hand in mine and tell her we will go to the lake to watch the may flies dance on the water and we will look for the faeries in the old oak tree and make wishes when we find the faerie rings….. I tell her we will watch the sun swap places with the moon and we will send happy thoughts on the moonbeams to our loved ones in Heaven. She dances along by my side and looks up at me with shining eyes once more. “I will send happy thoughts to Mummy in Heaven!” she smiles. My heart lurches and we walk down to the lake hand in hand.

I live near Glamis Castle in the Angus Glens, Scotland, United Kingdom. I have a deep love for animals, nature, and the countryside and love writing about them. I have won several writing prompt competitions on Voweler and I am a named author on Paragraph Planet. My book A Little Dog's Prayer is available on Amazon. I was recently delighted and honoured to be awarded a diploma for my contribution to A Museum of Words. The César Egido Serrano Foundation and the Museum of the Word in plenary session have named me Ambassador of the Spanish language of my country in the world (Scotland). My motto is "Be kind, do no harm".

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