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Footsteps In The Sand



Footsteps In The Sand

Footsteps in the sand is a magical story about a young woman who has fallen in love with a Merman.

The sun warmed her and the misty sea spray rose before her, wrapping the rocks in a thin veil of fog. She walked purposefully on, straining her eyes to catch a glimpse of him. She had no doubt he would be there. Her only doubts were of her own courage and resolve. Would she faulter when her eyes met his …. when he reached for her to claim her as his own? The waves whispered to her and the shingle sang as the tide came in….. already her footprints were being whisked away into the deep. Then she saw him. There, between the giant boulders that reared out of the surf. He was just as she remembered. Long hair woven with shells and seaweed …. muscular shoulders and strong arms held open for her. His magnificent fish tail reflected a kaleidoscope of brilliant colors and his eyes, piercing blue, filled with longing, be searched her to come to him. Her step quickened. Faster, into a run, the surf and spray crashing around her as she ran to him. She fell into his arms and felt his power, his magnificent strength as he reared up out of the waves to catch her. Their lips met and he breathed the magical Merman breath deep into her before they both crashed into the sea. He clasped her in his strong embrace and struck out for the deepest oceans. Her Merman was taking her home.

I live near Glamis Castle in the Angus Glens, Scotland, United Kingdom. I have a deep love for animals, nature, and the countryside and love writing about them. I have won several writing prompt competitions on Voweler and I am a named author on Paragraph Planet. My book A Little Dog's Prayer is available on Amazon. I was recently delighted and honoured to be awarded a diploma for my contribution to A Museum of Words. The César Egido Serrano Foundation and the Museum of the Word in plenary session have named me Ambassador of the Spanish language of my country in the world (Scotland). My motto is "Be kind, do no harm".

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