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Hindrance In Career Excellence: Is Something Holding Us back?



Hindrance In Career Excellence: Is Something Holding Us back?

We often get stuck-up in our career at one place. In majority of the cases, we remain held back by some past unpleasant experience(s) where we did not do well and which had made its mark on us. And the difficult part is in most of the times, we don’t even realise that something is holding us back and our responsibility to make ourselves free from that. We accept our failure as our destiny in stead of finding out the reason behind it and overcoming it. As a consequence, we remain stand still and even at times, get derailed. My this write up attempted to focus on this aspect and also to motivate us to take necessary remedial action(s) for our own betterment and advancement at the career front.

We all know that we make numerous decisions in every sphere of our life and at every now and then – be it personal front, be it professional front. While some decisions bring success for us, some fall flat. This is all about life. We usually learn from our past mistakes and move on with time. However, some situations may be different. It may also happen that some not so good experiences create a permanent mark on us. At times, those incidents scare us so much that we become immobilized to take up even a baby step further in that arena. As a consequence, for rest of our life, we abandon those avenues completely and continue blaming our destiny for our failure.

I could remember one such incident happened with me. It was year 2008 – 2009. A close acquaintance inspired me to invest in stock market. I felt ignited and decided to go for it. Because, I came to know that the returns are absolutely fantastic in stock market, though risk is also there. I was very keen to try my luck. I remember that I bought shares of three different companies. The first one was a nationally renowned oil company, the second one was from pharma industry and the third one was a telecom company. Although I started with great enthusiasm, but ultimately I failed. The oil company blessed me with a very good return, but the other two could not keep up with my high hopes. Luckily, I somehow managed to reach the break-even point. People around me rebuked me for being unnecessarily over courageous and stepping into a danger zone. Since then I never put my head in the direct stock market. But a hitch always remained in my mind that I could not succeed.

Today – after so many years – when I look back and try to find out the ‘why’, I can see that my first prominent mistake was not to acquire any basic subject knowledge before getting into it. I followed others blindly without actually understanding it. I did not make any attempt to go deep, to understand the market as well as the past performances of those companies. I attempted to listen to the market experts to get the future trends; but I could barely understand their terminologies and analogies, because the fundamentals only were missing in me.

Today again I collected my spirit back to enter this world. Now, I am aware where I am falling short and how to bridge the gap.

Does this incident touch any similar tune in your mind? Is there anything in which you could not do well in the past and since then you are avoiding it? If yes, it’s the time to look back, to acknowledge and to rectify without any further delay.

In today’s fast changing world – where change is inevitable – we hardly could afford to keep some blind areas untouched where repairing can hit the target and protect us from the fatal damage.

Such incidents can even take toll on our career, starting from our career identification to planning n development to career sustenance. Therefore, it is always wise to identify and analyze what is holding us back. It could be a fear of failure like I had in my stock trading zone; it could be not intending to get into a seemingly not so impressive arena; it could be a lack of understanding about it; it could be an apparently not so promising future; it could be anything under the Sun. But, to succeed and to enjoy a fulfilling career, it is worth identifying and managing that judiciously.

I am Jayati Mukherjee - a corporate professional with over 17+ yrs experience in diverse organisations in both HR & non-HR scope. Presently I am working as a Manager - Human Resources with a World leading MNC. I am highly inclined to the subject Career Management, which caters to starting from proper 'Career Identification' to detailed and judicious 'Planning' to careful 'Development' and finally 'Sustenance through success & perseverance'. Other than my regular job, I was also associated with a Mumbai - Bandra based NGO "Welfare Society for Destitute Children - St. Catherine's Home, Siena" for a significant period as a mentor for their students' Career Planning & Skill Building. Academically, I have completed M.Sc (Biochemistry) and stood 1st class 1st. Later, over the period of time, I acquired PGDM (HR) from Prin. L Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Studies and Executive Certification on Talent Management from XLRI. I love travelling to serene hilly hamlets and also to pen down my thoughts whenever it strikes a cord. I am a foodie too.



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  2. Nikhil

    January 22, 2018 at 11:46 pm

    A thought provoking article. Nicely written.

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