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Passion And Its Doubts


Passion And Its Doubts

Passion is defined by its virtue of realisation and it has its doubts to be defined. Passion may not be what you are good to do… neither it is a field you have no idea about. It is in the end a quest of your beliefs…

‘Passion’ is not just a word or something that can be described in a series of words. It is something more in itself. Engulfed in the equanimity and at the same time a denouement of purpose. A human life in my opinion is closely affected by this Passion thing. It is according to some is the reason to live and die while for some, it is just an intricate emotional quarreling in the minds. I wonder for a series of reasons for what we call passion.

There are many, in fact who are struggling to find out their passion. It is that epiphany for a moment of indulgence that we all are in a dogma of some heavy principles of life. We all are grown up watching great personalities becoming famous, superstars, heroes, legends and so many words to describe. That is the layer of that thick and smoggy air which is whirling like typhoons in the corners of our thoughts and telling us to follow them and urging us to become a superstar. Perhaps, not all of us have the wisdom of reality that we can simply come out of this chaotic air and constructively live with the life like ascetic principles. And in between this chaos there is another one called passion.

Not many of us know their true passion. In fact it is a complex question to answer. Can it be your passion about which you actually don’t know anything? Can it be just because you like doing something in your leisure time? For instance, just consider an example, you think painting is your passion because your heart melts down even when you think about it or you get goose bumps when you see a worthy paintings by legends. But you have never once in your entire life tried to paint it with true effort. You know nothing about it but you just like it. It’s an intellectual argument whether to call it a passion or not. It is same with all other fields too. Sometimes a person is a master in doing something which he truly hates but for the world it has another side of mirror. There are lot of such intricate examples and arguments but the question is still alive with the same intensity.

It’s morally (maybe) incorrect to call something as a passion and something not. It has a vast tendency to dwell from one argument to another. Perhaps a human life, I think is made to achieve the greatest it could and that’s what it has its existence proved to the question ‘why am I here?’. There are certain ways of living life with what you wish, but passion is still a quest of emotional dogma if you are not finding one or just simply say you are not even finding any simple string of reasons. ‘A man should live for what he serves his purpose’ or maybe a man should not be bounded with any wish and he should just flow with the peace of mind. But a passion has created its own existence long ago and it wants to be served. Not many know how to.

Should one find his passion? Still a scary question. But it has always made a journey of humanity great and has given out what it has held for centuries. It has truly satisfied some of the most unstable souls and has given them a quest to struggle rather than ending up in the desolate place of the dark side of heart. It has proved a lot that couldn’t be expressed in words. The way of life, the purpose, the journey, the reason , the life and there are such beautiful things attached with it which can be earned only after providing it what it needs. After all passion too has its cost.

For many questions that this life is presenting us when we literally have nothing, all one can have is the passion and one way or another it is something more even if you cannot find it instantly, it has its ways to point you and direct you towards it. You just need to see that coming. Maybe in my opinion, we should find our passion because it has answers we don’t. If not, an ascetic life is the most beautiful escape from the perils and realities of life.

Dilettante and restless... Engulfed in the chaos and fighting for the equanimity. Yet unpublished, yet insouciant, yet lost and yet half found. Still walking the road to destiny.



  1. Suraj Bhapkar

    January 23, 2018 at 7:59 pm

    Your words are explaining the facts I personally have experinced those smoggy airs and am quite sure everyone does…

  2. Akshay Pardeshi

    January 28, 2018 at 6:01 pm

    Very impressed by your thought expressing style, you gimmick with your words that help readers to understand it’s intensity. Hats off🙌

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