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The Day I Became ‘Ghost’!


The Day I Became ‘Ghost’!

In our school lifes, there existed a kid, who is not so well known. In classroom there is a student who doesn’t stand out much or even does not exist for some others. I was also an introvert, who never made any impression in school. But there is a story which made me realize how much invisible I was back then.

This is an insignificant story of my childhood, but with much amuse and memories. All the characters in this story who were and who should not be part of this must have forgotten. So let’s begin the amusement!

I will call myself ‘B’, my friend ‘A’,  and two other girls ‘Y’ & ‘Z’, all of them my classmates. This is story way back from 2004-05, when I was in school. In those days, we use to have drawing exam called ‘elementary’ (Maharashtra State Board students may know this). So, we were having exam, I was sitting with one other friend, call ‘C'(thanks for appearance), and on bench next to us, were ‘Y’ and ‘Z’. ‘Z’ drops her pencil, and I can see it rolling towards my bench, meanwhile I am thinking, when the pencil stops near me, I will pick it up and hand over to her. But suddenly I hear ‘Z’ saying, “Hey A, can you pass my pencil”, referring to me, ‘B’. Yes, the person who is not even in scene, came into play(Again, thanks for appearance). I said nothing, being an introvert, I just handed over the pencil without even daring to correct her.

After that, I could over hear ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ talking(I wasn’t eavesdropping, they were just audible enough), and following is the conversation I can still vividly remember.

Z: ‘Y’, I called that classmate of ours as ‘A’, but is that really his name, if I remember correctly, ‘A’ is someone else.

Y: ‘A’ is that guy(describing him), he is someone else.

Z: What is his name?

Y: Well, I also don’t know.

Both start giggling.

At that moment, I realized how much invisible I was in class that even my classmates don’t know my name. I was amazed, a little shocked and slightly scared. That day I picked a name ‘Ghost’ as my alias(Of Course gaming need alias).

This was a funny little story from my childhood, hope you like it. If you ever had similar experience, or you knew someone who had such little footprint, please share it.

I am what you describe me as.

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