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A tête-à-tête With Stephan Dante, A Songwriter, Singer And An Entertainer


A tête-à-tête With Stephan Dante, A Songwriter, Singer And An Entertainer

Stephan Dante born in the late 80’s to parents of Jamaican, English, Ghanaian and Middle Eastern ethnicity. She has developed an eclectic and eccentric style of song writing and singing forged from her own experiences and battles in life and her love of expression and performance. She won BEST TRACK at the Akademia awards in the USA beating (as some say) the Americans at their own game with Nails Did.

I was recently fortunate to have a conversation with Stephan Dante, a talented singer-songwriter, singer and an entertainer. We chatted about her sound, her musical inspirations, and the art of songwriting. People have called her the UK Missy Elliott or the new Lauyrn Hill and this is her story.

What got you to write songs? (childhood trauma, happiness, money?)

Stephan : I come from a very artistic family full of artist, actors, and musicians so I guess I would follow. I always loved the performing arts; my journey as a writer began was I was 9. We were assigned diaries. We had to complete entries in it each week and whoever completed the most was promised a prize. I wanted the prize and I won the prize of a red colored A4 notebook. My teacher told me to never stop writing. I’ve not got one of those little diaries that I wrote in all those years back, but whatever I wrote in it was enough for my teacher to encourage me never to stop. And so I didn’t.

Are you more of a singer or more of a song-writer?

Stephan : I love to sing but I’d say I consider myself more as a songwriter. I’m more confident in my ability as a songwriter.

Few years ago, a song “Nails Did” caught my eye. Why you wrote it?

Stephan : I was in the studio, with my producer and we were talking about how much of a sacrifice it is pursuing a career in this business. And I was like you know what ‘I just wanna get my nails did. Not even trying to get no millions.’ I kept on repeating it and then we were like, let’s drop some 808’s and I started beatboxing a rhythm. It was a cool moment. 

What was its global audience response?

Stephan : It was positive. There is still much to do with the track in regard to promotion. It has great potential.

What is it like being a woman in the music industry?

Stephan : I find it a challenge at times, especially as I am very sensitive to the way that I represent myself. I don’t want my image to be compromised for the sake of fitting a fickle representation of how a woman should look and behave. I feel blessed however because I have a great management team and a manager who supports my beliefs as an artist and as a woman.

Do you think you are an entertainer?

Stephan : Yes, I do believe that I am a natural born entertainer. Like I said I come from a family full of artists and musicians and actors so it’s in the blood.

How much do you practice singing a week?

Stephan : I practice singing every day.

What do you feel like when you play one of your songs and people applaud? Is it an affirmation or an irritation?

Stephan : You can never feel irritation, if you did, you would have to question why you do what you do. Making a song is like cooking a meal; It’s always better when the purpose is for it to be shared and enjoyed by others.

When the show is over how do you like to chill out?

Stephan : After a show, I’m usually hungry so I like to eat.

What is your next project?

Stephan : I’ve got a lot of projects; I’m working on my debut album: Hummingbird. I’m working on a short story collection and a poetry collection. I’ve got some shows coming up too, busy busy busy.

Any shouts you would like to make?

Stephan : A big shout out to my manager Stevie Eagle E and all the team at Shlepp Entertainment.

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us here at Urban Tribe Online, Stephan!

I'm a hardworking, simple guy and still looking at the world with a childlike wonder. I run, hikes, over-drink tea and coffee. I am a hardcore coder and I love to do that. And if I hadn't gone into coding, I probably would have gone into painting and cooking or investment banking. Being a Bengali, I eat a lot and love to play football. I am a big fan of world movies and a great admirer of Bergman, Kurosawa and Tarantino.



  1. Kavita

    February 12, 2018 at 11:36 pm

    Good effort and great work keep it up.

  2. Eagle E

    February 12, 2018 at 11:54 pm

    Great article, thanks for this

  3. Dr. Diksha

    February 13, 2018 at 3:19 pm

    Impressive 👍

  4. Prayank khandelwal

    February 13, 2018 at 3:25 pm

    A very thoughtful interview. The subtleness of the questions prompted Stephan to open up and talk about her past and present. Will love to see couple of Indian stars on this blog. All the best team! 😃

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