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Julia Bliss – A Siberian Who Rules Electronic Music


Julia Bliss – A Siberian Who Rules Electronic Music

Julia Bliss is a professional DJ based out of the finance capital of India, Mumbai. Born and brought up in Siberia, Julia is a DJ with a profound passion for the comprehensive culture of electronic dance music. Besides, being a full time DJ and creating the ultimate recipe for “House” Julia Bliss is a businesswomen with her brand “Bliss Bags” and also an actress-model, featured in a handful of Bollywood movies.

Julia Bliss, an internationally recognized talent whose taste for stripped back, sweat-on-the-ceiling dance music and her discerning ear for house music.

Well, let’s go and ask her a few questions to get to know her.

When did you start DJing – and what or who were your early passions and influences?

Julia Bliss : I always loved music. My mom was giving me a birth listening to some nice tunes of that age.  That was a good start I guess.  I literally lived my life on the dance floors of the most famous clubs, just going there to dance like others and enjoy music. Dancing was and is one of my passions since I graduated musical school with choreography education – ballet and jazz modern. So I combined both – dancing and music every weekend. I was watching those DJs (that time club Academy had a great team: DJ Fat, Dj MCM, DJ Filter and a “light dada” Slava Hohryakov) – they were the sharks of the industry and motivated me so much to take my first steps in DJing
About 13 years ago in my city Omsk in Siberia I got to try Pioneer Dj 500 for the first time. It looked like a pilot cockpit panel to me and I thought I was about to take off but was confused which button will get me there.
In 3 months I had my first gig and in another month I signed a contract with one of the clubs.
DJing was never a source of money for me. It was and it is something I love to do in my free of work time. It’s more of a hobby and now my “butter and bread” too.

Being a female DJ, how it looks like?

Julia Bliss : Well, there always many opinions on this. I say there are two types of female DJs:

First,  a real DJ, that knows how to mix music without using sync, what means track selection, track keys, beat-rate, bar, harmonic mixing and much more, including basic knowledge about the equipment and the cords that connect it. A bit of sound-engineering as a skill will always be appreciated ) So as skills to interact with the crowd (MC skills), especially speaking of commercial DJs (pop music, Edm )

Second,  a fake DJ, that knows nothing from above, but looks good, moves good, smiles good and plays pre-sets or, as we used to say, plays “horses”- it’s when beats of two or more mixing tracks are not synchronized and already on the Master so that crowd can hear sound like running horses.

Could you tell me in chronological way your DJing (music way)?

Julia Bliss : A music way of my DJing ?

Well, how is the Indian crowd?

Julia Bliss : Best. The most responsive in the world, less judgmental, maximum happy and dancing.

In how much, do you feel, is the club experience shaped by cultural differences? Do you, when travelling, take these cultural differences into consideration – and in how far has your approach as a DJ perhaps even benefited from playing in different countries and in front of different crowds?

Julia Bliss : Here we speak more ab differences in a club culture rather than differences in cultures of different countries . There commercial music and its culture and an underground music. This difference I take into consideration firstly.
There also, on my opinion, two types of DJs: the ones that follow people and their music preferences, playing for the crowd and those who have their own style and make people follow . So I carefully choose the way I approach, switching between these two types from one to another according to the culture.

What’s your favourite tune of all time?

Julia Bliss : Ironically – The Time Of My Life (Dirty Dancing).

What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?

Julia Bliss : The Time Of My Life (Dirty Dancing).

When all the partying is over how do you like to chill out?

Julia Bliss : In the hot bath tab with lots of foam and rose pedals, listening to the tunes of Sensorica.

What is it about DJing, compared to, say, producing your own music, that makes it interesting for you?

Julia Bliss : Well, it’s two completely different things to do, which in India for some reason been combined into one and called a “professional DJ”.
When I produce music, I work with HARDWARE, it’s very technical, special knowledge and certain inspiration required … tough process.
When I play, I work with PEOPLE, with their mood, wishes, body language… they are the ones that give you inspiration. So for me, as for a Human -to-Human connection oriented person rather than Human-to-Machine, it’s quite interesting to DJ… I get a lot of energy back from my crowd and so I feel we exchange energies:) And the time of that exchange is limited… unlike the music production is very time and energy consuming process…

Have ever tried in Bollywood?

Julia Bliss : Films? Yes. Wikipedia says I’m an Bollywood Film Actor. Can’t blame them, as I really am and have done several movies. It’s a different ballgame all together. Love that experience as well!

Any shouts you would like to make?

Julia Bliss : Motivation, Focus and hard work – is what makes us who we are. Stay Blissed!

I'm a hardworking, simple guy and still looking at the world with a childlike wonder. I run, hikes, over-drink tea and coffee. I am a hardcore coder and I love to do that. And if I hadn't gone into coding, I probably would have gone into painting and cooking or investment banking. Being a Bengali, I eat a lot and love to play football. I am a big fan of world movies and a great admirer of Bergman, Kurosawa and Tarantino.

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